March Updates (hint: the end of the academic year is approaching)

Happy Friday Morning Data Wonks,

A few notes to end on in March, in anticipation of our last meeting of the Spring semester this coming April:

  • Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting yesterday. We have updated notes available here:
      • joining the Data Wonks Microsoft Team (link below) is required to view the notes
    • Thanks to Laura for leading our discussion and Ted for presenting on Deep Work & Data
    • Collaborate with us on Teams if you have not already:
    • Three upcoming events that may be of interest – if they are not already on your radar:
      • The Office of Data Management & Analytics Services is hosting ‘Meet Tableau’ Demo Sessions throughout next week.
      • The Office of Strategic Consulting if hosting the 19th Annual Showcase on Wednesday, March 21st.
      • The Office of the CIO is hosting the 5th Annual Information & Technology Leadership Conference (I&TLC) on Tuesday, April 17th.
        • I will be leading a session on “Applying Counseling Principles to Inspire Agency in Technical Innovation”
        • The theme of this year’s conference is Leadership: Inspiring Innovation
        • There is a $50 registration fee for this event, which includes refreshments throughout the day and lunch
      • Our last Data Wonks meeting of the academic year is April 11th at 12noon
        • Let us know if you are interested or able to host the event
          • We usually have about 10-20 participants depending on the month
        • Also, let us know if you would like to lead a discussion topic
        • We will conclude this meeting with some discussion about summer planning that will serve to direct the Data Wonks in the next academic year
          • Your participation in these meetings will impact the future of the Data Wonks!

As always, feel free to invite your colleagues to participate in our Community of Practice. “A CoP can evolve naturally because of the members’ common interest in a particular domain or area, or it can be created deliberately with the goal of gaining knowledge related to a specific field. It is through the process of sharing information and experiences with the group that members learn from each other, and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally (Lave & Wenger 1991).” – Anyone can join this mailing list by sending a message to:

Thank you, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!