New WiscList, Teams, Meetings and more

Dear Data Wonks,

Just in time for a quick recap of September:

  • We officially have a new WiscList email for the group:
    • Everyone who was subscribed to has been migrated to this new list; there is no need to re-subscribe
      • The old list has been retired – it has served us well! Thank you, adhoccop… email list, we will never remember forget you
    • Please forward this message on to anyone who might be interested in a data-centered UW-Madison community of practice
    • Leaving the list is also easy, just email
      • Please don’t leave us, we were just getting acquainted ;-D
    • Anyone in the list is able to send a message to the group, so feel free to continue using it for your troubleshooting needs
      • Although… we do have some new and exciting tools that serve a similar purpose (with style – more below)
  • Microsoft Teams is picking up steam, and seeing some use by members (other than just me)
    • Teams is simply a fun and exciting new way to engage with each other around our shared interests
    • Visit to signup
      • We have had some signup problems here and there, so if you are having trouble making it to the team, shoot me a message
      • Try downloading the desktop app if you can (although it is not required), it is super sleek and you won’t need your browser open all the time
    • Watch out for the Polly Bot, it doesn’t always understand your intention
  • We have a tentative meeting schedule for the academic year (thanks to Kimbrin for taking the initiative on this)!!
    • Mark your calendars, here are the dates (with locations and topics pending):
      • November 15 (Wed)
      • December 14 (Thursday)
      • Maybe skip Jan…?
      • Feb 14 (Wed)
      • March 15 (Thurs)
      • April 11 (Wed)
      • Maybe skip May…?
    • These dates seem to work most for those who have given feedback via Teams
      • We will be working on some ways to contribute asynchronously if you need to miss a meeting
    • We will not be meeting in October – But… please nerd-out with us at the UW-Madison Showcase Brownbag on October 12th
      • Power Up Your Productivity: Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Bring Technology into Your Workflows
      • Signup here for this event:
        • If the seats look full I say join the wait list and just show up… you can always sit in the nose-bleed section
          • There tends to be a good number of no-shows
  • We will be developing new ways to reach out and engage the community, so expect to hear more from the data wonks…
    • Do not hesitate to invite your colleagues to participate in our group by subscribing to the list and joining the Team
    • I like this outline format for emails. What do you think? Are you still reading?
      • I am going to start composing all my emails as outlines and report back…

Thank You and Happy Friday!

Your friendly data wonk co-coordinator,