Ad Hoc Query Writers are now the Data Wonks; and other changes

Hello AdHoc Query Writers,

We spent some time this summer having a look at the AdHoc Query Writers Community of Practice, and revisiting some of the basic elements of the group. As it turns out, there are many on campus who see great value in this community of practice. I am happy to be stepping up as a coordinator, along with Kimbrin Cornelius, and anyone else with time/interest. We are grateful to DJ Mattison for all of his contributions in keeping the group going these last couple years. His continued involvement as a member of the group will also be valued. We had a really great meeting out on the Terrace in early August; thanks to everyone who completed the survey and a special thanks to those who were able to attend the meeting. We are now ready to roll out some exciting changes alongside the start of a new academic year.

First and foremost, we are “re-branding;” referring to ourselves as the Data Wonks ( In the next few days, we will migrate this WiscList ( to reflect this new name. We will send you a quick note after the change is made so that you can continue to use the list as a resource for queries (pun intended). We think this new name better reflects the diversity of needs and interests on campus in the context of an ever changing data landscape.

We would like to expand the listserv function of the group to include some more real-time and asynchronous interactions. To that end, we are experimenting with the use of Microsoft Teams (similar to Slack, or for those of you who don’t know Slack, it is like a Southpaw Jack Gyllenhaal version of WiscChat). To participate in the data wonk team, follow this link: and sign-in using your “” credentials. In this Teams tool, you will mostly find conversations I am having with myself. But, you will also be able to see some meeting notes, and some other spaces where you can troubleshoot and/or show-off your skills. We hope to also use this tool to allow members to participate in events/meeting remotely. We will keep you posted on these details as we flush out a meeting schedule for the fall.

On the docket for meeting topics this semester, we have: 1) UWRAP update (including a discussion of the future of Hyperion interactive reporting at UW-Madison), 2) Database essentials (getting schooled in some of the basics of working with data in a database), and 3) Reporting (an open discussion for questions and demos). We will let you know once we have firmed up some topics, speakers, locations, dates, and times. In the meantime, bring your questions and comments to Teams.

Happy Fall 2017!

Warm Regards,