Data Wonks 2022-2023 Academic Year Planning

Hello Data Wonks,
We are excited to kick off the academic year with a Data Wonks Planning Meetup on Monday September 26th at 2:30pm. Like last year, we will keep our sessions online. Unlike last year, based on some interest and feedback from our end-of-the-year gathering, we will also plan to schedule a few more social, informal, in-person meetups throughout the year 👏. Regardless, you’re invited to our planning meeting in MS Teams to sort out all the details.
Prior to the meeting, whether you can attend or not, please add ideas for possible topics to this board and vote on meeting days/times that work well for you. Topics can be ones you’re interested in sharing, or they can be topics you’d be interested in learning more about. See the full instructions on the board itself.
During our scheduled time we can review the ideas, add some more, and talk about how we will put it all together. We will also hold an open call for volunteers to help coordinate, and make some other announcements. So, please join us and invite anyone who might be interested in our community!
Looking forward to seeing you this year and learning together!
Data Wonks CoP c/o Jonathan Henkel