2020-2021 Data Wonks Meetup Schedule

Hello Data Wonks,


We are pleased to bring you our finalized schedule of meetups for the 2020-2021 academic year. All of our meetups will be hosted in Teams. Join us in Teams for the meetings, and much more. Encourage other new, and/or aspiring Data Wonks to participate as well. We will attempt to record each session to make them available asynchronously. Data Wonks meetups will all fall on the second Tuesday of each month at 3pm. Meetups will usually last one to one and a half hours.


October 13th, 3pm

Format: Coffee/Tea Chat & Presentation
Topic: R-Studio Connect Pilot, Research Data in the Cloud
Presenters: Chris Lalande, Research Cyberinfrastructure and Cloud Computing, and Tobin Magle, Research Data Lifecycle Manager

November 10th, 3pm

Format: Presentation
Topic: Data Governance & Snowflake, Institutional Data
Presenters: Cathy Lloyd, Chief Data Officer, and McKinney Austin, Associate Director, Data Management & Analytics Services

December 8th, 3pm

Format: Flipped Presentation (presentations available in advance, Q&A during the meetup)
Topic: Google Data Studio & Qlik Sense, Data Reporting and Analytics Tools
Presenters: Terry Bradshaw, Systems Engineering and Operations, and Mehrnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh, Systems Analyst

January 12th, 3pm

Format: Presentation
Topic: Data Storytelling, Framing Data to Make It Relatable & Inform Decision Making
Presenters: Sarah Sobek Ozburn, Data Analyst and Project Manager

February 9th, 3pm

Format: Presentation
Topic: Jupyter Notebooks & Python, Data and Coding
Presenters: Amanda Thornton, Lead Business Applications Developer, and Adam Huffman, Digital Analytics Lead

March 9th, 3pm

Format: Presentation
Topic: Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) & Grade Data
Presenters: Eric MacKay, Assistant Registrar of DARS/Academic Programs

April 13th, 3pm

Format: Presentation
Topic: Toad Data Point, General Toad Guidelines & Consistency in Data Definitions
Presenters: Nicholas Sigmund, Policy and Planning Analyst

May 11th, 3pm

Format: Presentation
Topic: AEFIS & Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Data in Direct Evidence of Student Learning (DESL)
Presenters: Beth Janetski, Director of Assessment, and Sara Hagen, Academic Planner

A very warm thank you to all of our guest presenters, to Sara Hagen and Amanda Thornton for helping to coordinate, and all of the Data Wonks at UW-Madison for staying involved in this community. I am personally grateful, and happy to share the gratitude from stakeholders across campus and beyond. If you have any questions, join us on Teams or email us. Thank you!


Happy 2020-2021!