A Few Announcements for the Imminent New Year

Happy End of 2019 Data Wonks,

We have a couple of housekeeping items that we wanted to announce as we transition between fall 2019 and spring 2020.

As a reminder, we do not have a schedule meeting in January. But, we will kick off the new year with a meeting on February 12th, 2020. The format of this meeting will be different. Our topic is “excel tips, tricks, and more.” We do not have a presenter, so this is will be a round table discussion of our use of excel here on campus. I have prepared three items below to guide the conversation. Some of these may require prep and perhaps even a small data set, so we wanted to give you all time to think on that. We will take turns sharing our responses, and demonstrating in real-time where/when we can. I expect to host the meeting out here at the School of Nursing Cooper Hall. If someone else has a more central location with computer projection that can be reserved, send me a message. Here are the discussion items (with optional sub questions):

Excel Tips, Tricks, and More Roundtable

  1. Tell/show your favorite trick(s) in excel.
    1. Where/when do you use it?
    2. What are the benefits?
    3. Are there other options/methods you know about?
  2. Talk about/show how you use excel with other tools/systems.
    1. How do you import/export?
    2. How do you connect to your data or other systems to your spreadsheets?
    3. How do you save/store/reuse your sheets?
      1. Dare we address naming conventions?
  3. Share/show us another solution like excel.
      1. What is the tool/service?
      2. How does it work?
      3. How does it compare?

For those of you who are terribly crushed by our lack of meeting in January, I do have a small gathering opportunity on January 6th (10am-2pm). A small number of us (approximately six) from Nursing and CALS are gathering for a working session geared towards new ad hoc query writers and/or former Hyperion Interactive Reporting users. We will focus on how to connect Microsoft Access to InfoAccess tables (very pragmatic). Since this is likely of interest to some (aspiring) Wonkers out there, I thought I would open it up to a few others (maxing out at 10-12). There are some prerequisites and other details to share, so if you are interested, send me a message and I will follow up with more.

Finally, at some point in the new year, we plan to migrate our WiscList (approximately 166 members) to our existing Office 365 Group / Microsoft Teams (approximately 74 members including duplicates). This action is in response to the WiscLists migration project. The move will be seamless for many, but it will change how you (un)subscribe/join or leave, along with how you send/receive messages. We will send an email with more details before we make the move, but this might be a good time for interested parties to join/leave the list depending on your interest in migrating to the new platform. If you have any questions about this transition, feel free to send me a message. In the meantime…

Have a great winter break. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020!

Happy holidays,
Data Wonks (c/o Jonathan Henkel)