September Meeting Thanks

Howdy Data Wonks,

We wanted to thank everyone who made it out to last week’s meeting. Special thanks to Marc Turnes for hosting and presenting. It was great to see such a turnout. We have gathered all of the meeting materials including Marc’s PowerPoint, and a recording of the session (2/3 of it anyway) into Microsoft Teams.

If you have not tried Teams before, this would be a terrific opportunity to check it out. To join our DataWonks CoP on Teams, visit: If you do not see the DataWonks Team right away, email us to request the team code. Once you have joined the team, you can access the meeting notes in the meeting channel or with this link: Shameless plug: I will be presenting on Microsoft Teams at a brown bag hosted by the Office or Strategic Consulting on October 11th.

Next month (October 9th) we cannot wait to learn more about using InfoAccess data in Excel and Access! The CoP website will always have the most up to date info on meetings, etc.

Happy Rainy Tuesday.