New Website, Membership Form, Twitter and more

Good Morning Data Wonks,

Just in time for a quick recap of October:

  • We now have a home in cyberspace!
    • That’s right, we have our very own Data Wonks website:
    • We hope this becomes a cyber-place that rallies our community of practice while engaging anyone looking for a network of resources relating to data & technology here at UW-Madison.
  • It would be great to get some of our active group members listed on the site.
    • A few of us have already made a request to be listed as a Data Wonk member.
      • How about you?
    • View the members page here:
    • Ask to be added to the page here:
    • The first fifteen data wonks to be added will get a limited-edition emoji ?.
      • Our WiscList is 55 strong, so I am thinking we could at least get five people up on the website (fingers crossed).
  • We also created an account on Twitter @uwdatawonks
      • I am still crafting our first tweet… any suggestions?
        • Bring your tweet ideas to Teams (see below)
      • We imagine a very engaging, entertaining, and helpful feed of information for the Data Wonks will eventually reside here.
    • Are you a tweeter? If so, you can start following us today!
      • That sounds fun.
      • Not on twitter? That’s reasonable.
        • This is yet one other way of engaging the community around a shared interest in campus data & tech.
          • People still use Twitter (for good)… right?
        • The recluse need not apply.
  • We now have nineteen Data Wonks on Microsoft Teams (myself included; not counting any of the bots).
    • Join us on Teams by following this link:
        • Email me if you have trouble finding us there.
      • Chat, troubleshoot, show-off, and team-up!
  • Our November 15th 12 noon meeting is quickly approaching – mark your calendars (see below).
    • We are still finalizing/creating an agenda for the meeting.
      • A few items have fallen through, but there are some other fun ideas being developed.
        • Did someone say 2FA?
    • The draft agenda will be built in OneNote, where the minutes will eventually reside:
    • The exact location is still TDB – but, it will be central campus for sure (either Union South or more likely, Computer Sciences – thanks, Nikki!).
      • We will send a short (I promise) reminder with a final location the week prior.
        • Am I the only one missing DJ? Hi, DJ!
  • We have a calendar feed on the UW Events Calendar.
      • Click the calendar icon on the top right of the list feed to access the iCal, and add it to your Outlook calendar.
        • Not sure how to do this? Perhaps we can walk you through it at the meeting.
          • Did someone say agenda item?
    • We will eventually get all of our meeting dates on this feed.
  • With a few more big, exciting ideas of how to engage the community on the horizon, it is a great time to be tuned in.
    • Keep in the know by staying on the WiscList, joining us on Teams, and/or dropping in online.
      • We will be taking our fancy new webspace on the road to a few other WiscLists in the very near future.
        • So, it is also a good time to help your data-loving colleagues to plug in.
        • It is a good time to be listed as a Data Wonk on the website too.
    • Is this outline format still working for you?
      • I have to say, it has been very effective for me since I started using it last month.
    • I think you deserve an emoji for making it all the way down here in the message: ?

Thank You and Happy Halloween!

Your friendly data wonk co-coordinator,